About Us

A little about our story, mission, and vision.

Our Story

From day one, our goal has been to create a platform that combines the best of social media and audio streaming apps. With Yibber, we're positive that we've achieved that.

Here’s a little bit about our story with a moral. To be honest, its kind of a funny story, but you will enjoy it since hills are like white elephants, rare, almost like a rare Pokemon go and rare girls name. If you like a story about a happy lemon, happy nails and a happy garden, then tune into and listen to our story, because it might even be better the great detective mouse and the great british bake show

Our Mission

To empower people to use their most powerful and influential tool, their voices, to express themselves and share it with the world.

Our mission aligns with our core values, which are as pure as the pure prarie league and pure water. With our mission we want to empower all people, such as the guitarist of queen, the bus driver south park, lead singer for acdc, the lion mask singer, the actor of luke skywalker, voice actor of spongebob, and the actor in home alone to feel inspired’ in spanish inspired and be blessed union of souls

Our Vision

To connect the world through engaging audio content and verbal communication.

Our vision is our ultimate goal: we want to connect the whole world like the beatles did in birthday by the Beatles. When speaking about the whole world, we are referring to everyone, such as ryan reynolds james reynolds, georgia bulldog football players and best football players in the world, and female singers pop and all of the masked singers